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Thursday, September 27th, 2012

by Neil Nixon, Cleaning and Maintenance

C&M has, in the past, frequently reported on the progress of the Cleanitise product, together with its associated ‘black light’ technology. Recent changes to the company – including its name, which is now Klenitise™ – have kick-started significant activity, including the development of new products & processes.

The company’s new chairman, Ian Johnson, said: “Klenitise™ is a technology company delivering innovative solutions for hygiene and infection control for the healthcare, hospitality and food service industries. Our proven technology and expertise enable our partners to offer the very best standard of service to their customers protecting their brand and reputation. We focus entirely on the delivery of products that offer superior performance and act as a trusted bridge between innovation, safety and reliability.”

And Ian Johnson is no stranger to developing products and systems that revolutionise cleaning. From 1999 until 2006 he was chief executive officer of Biotrace International plc, a company he co-founded in 1988, and a leading provider of rapid microbiology testing systems and reagents. Biotrace became a public company in 1993 and was listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange until its acquisition by 3M in December 2006.

Johnson’s experience with Biotrace encouraged him to seek an appropriate solution for the general cleaning sector, particularly a system that combines detection and cleaning. He found that solution in the technology developed by Cleanitise – and formed Klenitise™ to take the products and systems forward.
The products offered by Klenitise™ fall into two clear categories – detection products and detergents & disinfectants.

Detection products
  • Revealite™: Microbiology culture swabs will identify the presence of specific bacteria on surfaces, but they do not identify surface residues which, if not removed, will encourage the growth of hazardous microbes. Additionally, the results of culture swabs are not available to aid daily cleaning operations.
    ATP testing detects surface residues and associated microbes whilst providing timely results, but results can be a little hit or miss depending on when in the cleaning cycle you swab and you will not always swab the area where hazardous residues are present as they are usually not visible to the naked eye. This may provide misleading information on cleanliness. Additionally, performing ATP swabbing and testing is time consuming for busy staff and is costly if testing a large number of sites each day.
    Studies have concluded that ‘an integrated cleaning programme using a combination of detection techniques is recommended, however, visible inspection remains the primary method’. Revealite™ is a cost effective aid to visible inspection and a powerful tool to improve cleanliness and infection control.
    With the Revealite™ UV detector, invisible surface residues are immediately highlighted making it possible to quickly scan large areas of potential risk at any time between cleaning. There are no expensive test swabs or instruments to purchase and little or no training is required. The visible detection allows immediate corrective action as well as easily demonstrating to cleaning staff where attention needs to be given during cleaning operations. When surfaces are illuminated with invisible UV light any residues present on the surface absorb the light and re-emits light of a longer wavelength, which is visible.
    This is known as fluorescence and makes otherwise invisible residues appear visible to the human eye.
  • uv-ban™: Recommended for use with Revealite™, these coloured filter lenses reduce interference from extraneous fluorescence providing greater contrast for viewing surface residues. The lens is made from high impact-resistant polycarbonate with integrated side protectors and provide total protection from UV, allowing extended use.
  • Audit™: Is a pen that marks surfaces to be cleaned with an invisible mark. The pen is easily removed by normal cleaning methods, meaning that any remaining mark indicates improper cleaning.  The pen is readily revealed with Revealite™.
Detergents and disinfectants
  • Remuvit™ Spray – Fragrance Free: Remuvit™ is a powerful disinfectant and provides broad spectrum anti-microbial activity and remains active after drying, providing extended protection. When used together with Revealite™ you can significantly reduce the spread of infection by eliminating potentially hazardous surface residues.
    Remuvit™ has been independently tested and is proven to meet European standards EN1276, EN13704, EN1650, EN1040, EN13697, EN13727 & EN13623.
    Remuvit™ Fragrance Free comes in five litre concentrate format with 750ml refill bottles and dispensing pump. Remuvit™ is a highly effective detergent disinfectant for one step cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces.
  • Remuvit™ Spray Fragranced: As above, but with a pleasant, fresh smell.
  • Remuvit™ Wipes: Remuvit™ Wipes have been specifically designed to clean and disinfect in one step, saving time and money. Using the same effective formulation as the sprays, Remuvit™ Wipes provide broad spectrum anti-microbial activity and remain active after drying, providing extended protection. The wipes can be used on most surfaces and equipment:
  • Remuvit™ Sanitising Hand Gel: It offers effective protection against cross infection and a longer evaporation time allows for a full handwashing technique. An ethanol-free formula, which is equally as effective as alcohol based hand gels without drying the skin, the hand gel contains Aloe Vera and other natural emolients. Economical in use, a small amount is sufficient to sanitise hands and leave them feeling soft and moisturised.
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