Remuvit™ Sanitising Hand Gel

  • Offers effective protection against cross infection and longer evaporation time allows for full handwashing technique.
  • An ethanol free formula, which is equally as effective as alcohol based hand gels without drying the skin. Contains Aloe Vera and other natural emolients.
  • Economical in use; a small amount is sufficient to sanitise hands and leave them feeling soft and moisturized.

Remuvit™ has been independently tested and is proven to meet European standard EN1500.

Product Description Code
Remuvit™ Sanitising Hand Gel – Alcohol & Fragrance Free 500ml SHG/500P
Remuvit™ Sanitising Hand Gel – Alcohol Free & Fragranced 50ml SHG/50P

See Hygienic Handrub Technique which is in line with WHO Guidelines and has been approved by the Infection Prevention Society.

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