Detergents and Disinfectants

  • Can be used on all hard surfaces
  • Strong detergent action
  • Powerful disinfectant remains active providing extended protection.
  • Independently tested and is proven to meet European standards EN1276, EN1500, EN13704, EN1650, EN1040, EN13697, EN13727 & EN13623.
  • Available in Fragranced or Fragrance-free formulation and environmentally friendly packaging

Significant cost-in-use benefits

  • Single multi purpose product reduces stock
  • Reduced training for cleaning staff
  • Less regulatory burden
  • Re-use of spray bottles reduces waste packaging
  • Diluting chemical at point of use minimises carbon emissions
  • Precise dosing minimises chemical wastage

For more effective cleaning use together with Revealite™ & Audit™.

Read more about Remuvit™ products:

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