Revealite™ is used in conjunction with the Audit™ fluorescent marker pen in the Visible-Trace™ Cleaning Assessment Programme.

Research has shown that Fluorescent markers are the best way of assessing the cleaning process.
See Comparison of Methods for Cleaning Audits

Revealite™ has been designed to highlight fluorescent marks made by the Audit™ marker pen.  Additionally, because of its unique design it can also be used to detect the presence of any surface residues prior to, during or  after cleaning which might pose a hygiene hazard if not removed.

  • There are no expensive test swabs or instruments to purchase
  • Long battery life for extended use
  • Lightweight and fits easily into a pocket
  • Supplied with uv-ban glasses with coloured lenses which filter extraneous emitted wavelengths producing greater contrast of the residues against the background.

We recommend the use of uv-ban™ glasses with Revealite™.

Download pdf of Revealite™ and uv-ban™ user manual

Product Description Code
Revealite Hand held UV torch complete with rechargeable batteries and mains charger RUV

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