Research has shown that the use of Fluorescent markers are the best way of assessing the cleaning process.

See Comparison of Methods for Cleaning Audits

  • The Audit™ marker pen safely and hygienically marks surfaces to be audited with an invisible mark, which will glow bright white when illuminated with UV light.
  •  Marks will be easily removed with normal cleaning methods.
  • After cleaning has been carried out use the Revealite™ UV torch to illuminate the areas that were marked.  Any remaining marks would indicate that cleaning has not been performed effectively.

Visible-Trace™ Cleaning Assessment Programme

Audit™ together with Revealite™ provide an unique but simple way to enhance cleaning audits and improve standards of hygiene and cleanliness.  See Visible-Trace™ Cleaning Assessment Programme.

  • Evaluate effectiveness of cleaning regimes
  • Evaluate effectiveness of cleaning products
  • Monitor performance of cleaning staff
  • Maintain higher standards of cleanliness by better training



Product Description Code
Audit Invisible marker pen for cleaning audits – pack of 12 markers AMP12

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