Klenitise™ Mini Fogger


Used for sanitation and epidemic prevention in hospital, restaurant, hotel and other public places, the Klenitise™ Portable Fogging System is

  • Light weight & portable
  • Ideal for Ambulance Cleaning
  • Ideal for car detailing / fumigating / deodorising car interiors
  • Rental Car Turnarounds!
  • Hotel room smoke odours
  • Ideal for Cruise Liners / Shipping
  • Treating pet stains & pet odours
  • The control of flying insects indoors / outdoors
  • Constructed from corrosion resistant materials.
  • Easy to use, simply twist the power head to detach the tank and pour in the Remuvit Concentrate, another half a twist and your ready to go.

Adjust the output size from a fine light fog to a coarse mist with the rotary valve.

Klenitise™ Mini Fogger Specification:

Motor: 240 volt 13 amp fuse
Liquid Capacity:
Remuvit™ Concentrate
Particle size:
15 – 40 microns, adjustable
Discharge Rate:
120 ml per minute / adjustable.
Materials of Construction:
Nylon nozzle & housing; Polythylene Tank; Fuel & oil resistant vinyl; Brass fittings
Height: 10 in (25cm)  Width: 4.5 in (11cm)  Length: 11in (28cm)
5 lb (2kg)

Please contact us with your requirements.

Product Description Code
Klenitise™ Mini Fogger Portable fogging system for use with Remuvit™ concentrate KMF

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