Klenitise™ offers integrated solutions for cleaning and control of cleanliness.

With over 25 years of product development and experience in providing detection technology for assessing cleanliness and producing effective cleaning chemicals, Klenitise™ has introduced a range of products that offer the possibility of a healthier, safer and more productive environment.

Detection Products

For real-time detection of potentially hazardous surface residues Klenitise™ introduces Revealite™, Audit™ and uv-ban™ together they are a potent force to control cleanliness and prevent the spread of infection.

Read more about Revealite™, Audit™ and uv-ban™.

Detergents and Disinfectants

Klenitise™ introduces Remuvit

A comprehensive range of Sprays, Wipes and Hand Gel for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces and for hand sanitising.

Read more about Detergents and Disinfectants


Cleaning Equipment

Klenitise™ offers supporting products such as
Wall Mounted Hand Gel Dispensers, Wall Mounted Spray Refill Dispensers, Bed and Trolley Holders for hand gel and Portable Fogging Systems.

Read more about Cleaning Equipment

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