Airline, Shipping and Transportation Facilities

“Appearances Deceive” Rarely are surfaces as clean as they appear and with high throughput of passengers and crowded public areas, poor hygiene can cause outbeaks of disease and closures which damage reputations and affect business performance.

It has never been more important to implement better standards of cleanliness. Good presentation and high standards of hygiene can bring real financial benefits to any business.

Klenitise™ has developed innovative products and programmes that make cleaning tasks efficient and simple and enable higher standards of hygiene to be achieved.

We offer solutions for ‘one step cleaning and disinfecting’ of surfaces, saving time and money and gentle, but effective sanitisers for hands.

Remuvit™ is the next generation of sprays, wipes and hand gel with a powerful disinfectant providing broad spectrum anti-microbial activity and remains active after drying providing extended protection.

visible trace

Visible-Trace Cleaning
Assessment Programme.

Designed to improve cleaning outcomes by measuring ‘thoroughness of cleaning (TOC)’.

Audit™ is a marker pen that is used to place invisible marks on surfaces and objects prior to cleaning.  Revealite™ is a special UV torch that highlights the marks made by the Audit marker pen after cleaning.

Together, Audit™, Revealite™ and Remuvit™ can make a positive impact on hygiene standards and business performance.

Ideal for use in:

  • Airport terminals & Aircraft grooming
  • Cruise Ship terminals & Passenger Ships
  • Railway facilities & Trains
  • Bus Stations & Buses
  • Motorway Services

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