Ambulance Cleaning

ambulance cleaning fogger and remuvit

Ambulance Cleaning and Disinfection

ambulance cleaning revealite and audit penAmongst the many challenges within a hospital environment is to reduce the opportunities for cross infection and to establish preventative methods for reducing infection from being introduced to the hospital environment from outside sources. It has been established that one key area to be addressed is the cleaning and decontamination of ambulance units. These units are in almost continuous use and transport many different patients who are suffering with a multitude of illnesses and injuries.

The Klenitise™ ambulance cleaning and disinfection system is highly effective as it firstly removes hazardous residues  and its fine vapour accesses all surfaces and fixtures and fittings killing any remaining surface bacteria, leaving the ambulance contamination free.
ambulance cleaning wipes and spray
The first phase is to scan the surfaces using the Revealite UV torch to highlight areas that have been in contact with patients and where surface residues are present.  These should be sanitised using  Remuvit Spray in conjunction with micro fibre cloths or use Remuvit™ Wipes.  The ambulance unit can then be completely decontaminated using Remuvit Concentrate in conjunction with the Klenitise™ Mini Fogger.

Upon completion of the ambulance cleaning and decontamination process the Revealite UV torch is used to confirm that the ambulance unit is fit for service immediately.

Audit™ together with Revealite provide an unique but simple way to enhance cleaning audits and improve standards of hygiene and cleanliness.