Detection Products

The Visible-Trace™ Cleaning Assessment Programme. Designed to produce better cleaning outcomes by measuring 'thoroughness of cleaning'.
Audit™ is a fluorescent marker and Revealite™ is a UV torch specifically designed to measure the effectiveness of cleaning regimes.
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Remuvit™ is a highly effective detergent disinfectant for one step cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces.
Remuvit™ sprays are available in fragranced or fragrance-free formulation and comes in 5 litre concentrate format with 750ml refill bottles and dispensing pump.
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Remuvit™ wipes have been specifically designed to clean and disinfect in one step, saving time and money. Using the same effective formulation as the Sprays, Remuvit™ wipes provide broad spectrum anti-microbial activity and remains active after drying providing extended protection.
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Sanitising Hand Gel

Remuvit™ hand sanitising gel is ideal for those seeking a high quality, effective alternative to alcohol based hand gels.
This hand sanitising gel offers effective protection against cross infection and longer evaporation time allows for full handwashing technique.
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Measurement / disclosure of contamination

Stan Atkins, group chief executive officer of British Institute of Cleaning Science reports

As being clean is a perception, sometimes when we visually check a surface for dirt and dust and it is bright and shiny we immediately perceive it is clean – this is not always enough. This surface, although clean to the eye, could have many micro-organisms or other invisible contamination that makes it unsuitable for its purpose. In this column I will be discussing the three most commonly used methods of measuring or identifying the presence of contamination.

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Smart Science

by Neil Nixon, Cleaning and Maintenance

C&M has, in the past, frequently reported on the progress of the Cleanitise product, together with its associated ‘black light’ technology. Recent changes to the company – including its name, which is now Klenitise™ – have kick-started significant activity, including the development of new products & processes.

The company’s new chairman, Ian Johnson, said: “Klenitise™ is a technology company delivering innovative solutions for hygiene and infection control for the healthcare, hospitality and food service industries. Our proven technology and expertise enable our partners to offer the very best standard of service to their customers protecting their brand and reputation. We focus entirely on the delivery of products that offer superior performance and act as a trusted bridge between innovation, safety and reliability.”

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Critically Clean – G4S use Klenitise™ for Ambulance Cleaning

G4S is one of the largest private sector operators of ambulances in the UK, ensuring that patients are moved day and night as comfortably and securely as possible. The division has recently started using Klenitise™ technology to ensure all vehicles are clean and free of contamination at all times. Neil Nixon, editor of Cleaning and Maintenance discovered that the results so far have been amazing.

G4S has established an expertise with people, transportation and vehicle design enabling it to provide safe, comfortable and punctual ‘round the clock’ transport services for patients of all mobility levels.

Its primary objectives are to deliver a professional patient experience and high quality care, offering a service that exceeds expectations.

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